Over $130,000 raised!

Our annual Denim & Diamonds Fundraising Gala, held on March 24th, hosted 312 PreBorn Friends at Hurst Conference Center. We fellowshipped together, celebrated the overturn of Roe v Wade through worship, and learned what the “post Roe” world of saving lives looks like.

We were honored to “Come Alive” with Paradox Church Worship Team who not only led our worship during the Gala, but spent an additional 1/2 hour after it ended helping us praise our Father for all he has done. Revival was definitely in the air!

Dr. William Lile, our keynote speaker, animatedly showed us some of the amazing ways Doctors are now able to treat babies in the womb. It is a beautiful thing to see how far God has brought science in the treatment of preborn babies. Praise God!

Because of the generosity of all our Preborn Friends, we raised over $130,000 (including pledges) and an additional $30,000 of underwriting which helped pay for all the event costs helping ensure that all the money raised will go straight towards Gods’ life-affirming work in our Center.

Thank you too all our amazing and generous donors who made this happen!